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The Main Question

Today there is over 1900 cryptocurrencies that exist in the market, but few actually have a working product. According to ICORatings, over 57% of ICOs aimed to attract funds at the idea stage with no working product at all.

In 2017 the blockchain hype reached its peak, but adoption did not follow. We at BlockchainContest want to bring adoption into reality. The big question is, what blockchain projects actually have a working product or service?

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Projects with Working Products


GIFTO is a utility token that is used to reward content creators in the form of payment donations. UpLive is a video streaming platform with over 35 million users, and utilizes the GIFTO blockchain to provide virtual gifting to it’s content creators.


DASH allows users to make instant, private payments online or through in-store vendors using an open-source blockchain platform. Security is guaranteed by incentivizing miners to verify blocks. DASH also has their own desktop and mobile wallet application that allows users to send and receive the coins with high security.

CoinPoker Token

CoinPoker is a casino-based blockchain platform that allows users access to tournaments and poker cash games. The CoinPoken token (CHP) is used in the platform for deposits, withdrawals, and playing chips to participate in live games and tournaments.

Contest Details

We want to hear from you and your personal experience with the blockchain industry. We have provided you with three examples that have a working product utilizing blockchain. Now it's your turn to list any blockchain projects that have a working product or service.

Please fill out the survey below and answer to the best of your ability. We are looking for unique answers, duplicate answers will not count and will be discarded from the contest.

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