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Blockchain is an awesome technology, but there are still many doubts. We want to create better public awareness of blockchain usage. After many TGEs, more and more blockchain products are introduced to the market, but it seems only a few of them manage to obtain users into their products.

We open contests to encourage people to use it and share their feedback about the products they try to use.

We want to motivate people to use and experience blockchain products. Their feedbacks are valuable as it will make a real use case.

We want to share stories of these use cases and motivate other people to experience the same.

We want to accelerate blockchain startups to make improvements. All the use case stories will be combined as a report and offered to relative blockchain startups.

We want more use cases to blockchain products. We want the stories of real users to go viral and motivate others to experience the same. Blockchain technology should not remain as an idea. Our use case stories will accelerate blockchain startups to improve their products and become a mainstream player.

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